international thinking and dealing

The effective company concept has its roots in the 60-year experiences of the Becker familie´s company-tradition.

Influenced by the cosmopolitan tradition of our thirteenhundred year old “Hanseatic City of Bremen”, today we follow the same basic principles as our ancestors.

International thinking and dealing, reliability and partnership are the guiding themes of our daily communication and collaboration with partners and business associates.

The employees of our company work with more than 500 employees of our and our partner´s offices all over Europe, daily. We are connected to all main shipping lines and forwarding agencies, to guarantee best contacts, rates and information.

More than 100 bids are mailed around the globe and processed in all common foreign languages every day, countless documents get written and handled, product-streams controlled and checked, Materials bought and sold.

Our traditionally acquired expertise in materials and handling large quantities of goods for import and export ensures reliable order processing for our trading partners throughout the world.

In the search for new, interesting sources of material we and our trading partners benefit from our many years of more than half a century of association with the key European producers, sorting operations and waste generating industry.

Our quality and environment policy.

Certificate of quality management

Certificate of environmental management