- our corporate philosophy.

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"Link" - this term, which is embedded in our trademark, best describes our corporate philosophy.

Our daily objective is to create a link between markets and people. Our company's high degree of specialization on the markets of thermoplastic secondary raw materials is your key to the entire European market of raw materials.

RECYCLINK - your "link" to European raw material supplies.

In the European countries, we and our partners collect, test and sort all types of plastic wastes and provide them for the marketing.
More than 200,000 tons of recycling material are offered to our primarily Asian trading partners and shipped to them annually.

Many years of friendly and trustful personal relations with our business partners in China and India are the basis of our shared success.Material testing, load checks and continuous exchange of material data are the cornerstones of our quality management.

Our company and its key trading partners have all the required certifications. Payments and the entire freight processing are handled centrally by Recycling Network Germany.